In a recent and brilliant lecture/concert  at the 92nd Street Y, Dr. Richard Kogan, a psychiatrist and concert pianist,  told the audience about the life of George Gershwin and also played his music. One amusing anecdote about Gershwin’s life keeps running through my mind.  Here it is. Apparently, George had a troubled childhood and adolescence. He was a petty criminal, truant and suffered from what today would be diagnosed as ADHD.  Almost miraculously, however, all that changed when Gershwin discovered music and he turned his life around. When he was finally successful as a composer, his mother complained to him (I paraphrase), ‘Why can’t you be more like Irving Berlin and write a hit song’. Need I say more?

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Dr. Pepper has been running groups for over twenty-five years and specializes in group therapy. He has a special gift in helping member's resolve conflicts with.

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