I had to see the new movie, “The Death of Stalin”, after friends and colleagues told me how funny it is. It wasn’t funny to me. Expecting a Marx Brothers farce, I saw Karl Marx on crack cocaine. I’ll leave the details and the reviews for your own judgment. For my part, I walked out an hour and half into the movie (there were sixteen minutes left). I couldn’t take the maniacal violence any longer. I grew tired of waiting for it to turn funny. Did I miss anything?  At the end, did they all break into a Groucho Marx squatting dance, flashing their eyebrows and flicking cigar ashes all over the place?  Now that would have been funny! Although at first I did find it funny to hear the British accents of the actors portraying Russia bureaucrats, particularly when  they were dropping the F-bomb and saying all kinds of scatological things. It was disconcerting but after awhile it became a distraction.  I couldn’t understand what they were saying. And they were speaking the King’s English! What wasn’t funny at all to me was that those bureaucrats in charge running governments, any time and any where in the world,  are for the most part, murderous psychopaths, surrounded sycophants and toadies that brown them up. As a sociologist and group therapist, the movie was a frightening portrayal of the power of group/think. There is an ever lasting need for all of us to remain eternally vigilant. Today’s  young people standing up for greater gun control is a reminder that real social change comes from the bottom up, not the top down.  As for those who feel the need to seek power and to control the world, I say this: “Anyone who is crazy enough to want that kind of power, shouldn’t be allowed to have it”.  Leaders should be picked at random. Everyone over the age of 21 should have their name placed in big hat and leaders should be picked by chance. Now that’s funny!

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Dr. Pepper has been running groups for over twenty-five years and specializes in group therapy. He has a special gift in helping member's resolve conflicts with.

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