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Some People Don’t Want What They Say They Want–

100 Unconventional Interventions in Group Psychotherapy 









Part I: The Nitty-Gritty of Doing Group Psychotherapy

  1. Phrases that Inhibit Spontaneous Interaction
  2. Leading a Group Should Be Gratifying


Part II:  Some People Don’t Want What They Say They Want (Unconventional Techniques for Non-Treatment-Destructive Resistances)


Part A: For Group Members          


  1. Clothes Make the Man
  2. The Group Caretaker
  3. The Group Interrupter
  4. The Group Diverter
  5. The Hurt Collector
  6. An Infant in Kindergarten
  7. The Body Poet
  8. The Obsessive–Compulsive Prospective Group Member
  9. The Case of the Delusional Young Man
  10. The Narcissistic in Group
  11. The Addict in Group
  12. The Reluctant Hero
  13. Accentuate the Positive
  14. “Do You Think I’m Crazy?”   
  15. He Preferred Gratification over Analysis in Group


  1. Indifference Is Rage
  2. “Go Away but Don’t Leave Me Alone”
  3. A Case of Mistaken Identity
  4. Bernie’s First Reaction Was the Right One
  5. The Healing Power of the Kindness of Strangers
  6. Norton Wanted the Group’s Help to Mangle His Feelings
  7. Never Tell a Bulimic “Don’t binge!”
  8. She Made an Intrapersonal Problem an Interpersonal One
  9. He Was Determined to Be Ignored
  10. Who in This Group Is a Pain in the Ass?
  11. Trust Your Instincts
  12. Tony Was a Love Junkie
  13. She Was Only Bound by Paper Shackles
  14. Are You A Missile?
  15. Become a Student of Yourself.
  16. She Colluded with Him against Herself
  17. Sex in the City
  18. Nurturing Her Was Like Water through a Sieve—Nothing Accrued
  19. Get a Reality Check from the Group
  20. Nothing of Value Comes Easily
  21. Guilty Until Proven Innocent
  22. He Hated Himself for Being Human
  23. He Left Out the Best Part of the Story
  24. Worry Is Jewish Love
  25. Even Paranoids Have Enemies


Part B:  For Group Resistances


  1. Preparing the Group for a New Arrival
  2. How Is the Group Responding to the New Member?
  3. It’s the Music, Not the Lyrics
  4. Body Language in Group Therapy
  5. The Wild Man Group
  6. They Called Her Shelly
  7. Chit-Chat in the Waiting Room
  8. The Meaning of Dreams in Group—in a Secure Frame
  9. The Meaning of Dreams—in an Unsecure Frame
  10. How Can Needy Be a Dirty Word? It Has More than Four Letters
  11. The Eyes Have It!
  12. A Deafening Silence in Group
  13. The Ego and the Yid
  14. Keep a Dead Member’s Memory Alive
  15. The Group Walked on Eggshells with Wilson
  16. Rules Are Made to Be Broken
  17. Familiarity Breeds Self-Contempt
  18. Familiarity Breeds Self-Contempt, Part 2
  19. The Group Gave Him a Gift
  20. Sanford Was an Extreme Case of a Failure to Launch
  21. The Unconscious Mind Is Timeless
  22. The Ego Knows No Negation
  23. All Behavior Is Motivated.
  24. “When Will I Be Ready to Leave Group?”
  25. To Have Someone Is to Lose Someone


Part III: Some People Really Don’t Want What They Say They Want (Unconventional Techniques for Treatment-Destructive Resistances)


Part C: For Types of Group Members


  1. A Bigot in Group
  2. A Bigot in Group, Part 2
  3. The Explosive Group Member
  4. Withholding Payment
  5. The Group Provocateur
  6. The Femme Fatale
  7. Suicide as the Ultimate Homicide
  8. The Oedipal Group Member
  9. The Murderous Rage of an HIV+ Man
  10. A Bully in Group
  11. She Put Me on a Pedestal, Then Kicked Me Off.
  12. The Trojan Horse in Group
  13. A Cyber-Stalker in Group
  14. Out-Crazying a Crazy Group Member
  15. To Comply Is To Defy
  16. The Germophobe in Group
  17. The Chronic Help Rejecter (CHR) in Group
  18. The Premature Terminator


Part D: For the Entire Group


  1. The Too Nice Group
  2. “Friends, Romans, Countrymen”
  3. The Group Member Who Rejected Me
  4. Disbanding an Acting-Out Group
  5. Joining a Conversation at the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party


Part IV: The Joys and Pains of Employing Unconventional Techniques in Group Psychotherapy


  1. An Unanticipated Benefit of Being a Group Therapist
  2. Group at Its Best
  3. Texting in Class
  4. Milton Thought He Was All That
  5. I’m a Professional Voyeur
  6. Group Leaders Can Feel Vindictive, Too
  7. If Looks Could Kill
  8. The Emotional Inheritance
  9. You Can’t Recapture a Moment
  10. The Final Chapter


About the Author

About the Author
Dr. Pepper has been running groups for over twenty-five years and specializes in group therapy. He has a special gift in helping member's resolve conflicts with.

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