“The Ethical and Clinical Implications of Dual Relationships at Psychoanalytic Training Institutes” delivered at the Annual Conference of the American Group Psychotherapy Association” in Houston Texas, March 2018



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Robert S. Pepper, Phd.

" My interest in boundaries began in childhood when it occurred to me that my mother's directive --' Put on your sweater, I'm cold'-- made no sense"

I had to see the new movie, “The Death of Stalin”, after friends and colleagues told me how funny it is. It wasn’t funny to me. Expecting a Marx Brothers farce, I saw Karl Marx on crack cocaine. I’ll leave the details and...
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Some years ago, after my therapist of thirty years retired, I decided to try to wing it on my own for a while. I had been in some form of psychotherapy since I was 23. I thought this was a good time for a break from treatment. (For what it’s...
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