“The Ethical and Clinical Implications of Dual Relationships at Psychoanalytic Training Institutes” delivered at the Annual Conference of the American Group Psychotherapy Association” in Houston Texas, March 2018



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Robert S. Pepper, Phd.

" My interest in boundaries began in childhood when it occurred to me that my mother's directive --' Put on your sweater, I'm cold'-- made no sense"

Here is my letter to the editor of Psychology Today, in response to a recent article entitled, “A Natural History of Female Infidelity”. In my many years as a couple therapist, I have observed that men and women cheat for different...
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In an effort to control the conversation, some people attempt to define reality by labeling you in a negative way. I call this type of behavior-‘doing a number’. Don’t let them do it. Their words can be derogatory and/or...
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